A professional consultant with experience measured in decades that brings the convergence of insight and results.


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Obtaining success for some people comes early in life.  Many people recognize success in terms of financial reward.  For others, success is an on-going journey doing what we have been designed by our Creator to do and be.

 For me, success has been measured in terms of creation of new concepts and opportunities. 

Self-motivated, accountable professional with professional experience measured in decades.  I consider myself to be analytic, creative, inquisitive, persistent, and experienced.

 Proven results in developing and implementing strategic projects. 

 Lectured in UW system for about a decade in several areas. (see side note)

 I enjoy a challenge and the thrill of learning something new.

But, I really enjoy seeing the results of providing insight (and other skills) to achieve a positive result for someone.

 I am continuing that path with creation of a cooperative of independent human resource consultants using some of the development from the Wisconsin Governor's Business Plan contest.

(Second in 2005 Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan contest with this concept.)

Among my specific characteristics:

  • Creativity

  • Broad Experience

  • Persistence

  • Innovation

  • Results

  • Collaboration

Among my specific skills:

  • Web Analytics
  • Data Analysis/Reduction
  • Market intelligence
  • Systems Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence

Among my specific experience:

  • Quantitative Decision Making
  • Production Operations Management
  • Simulation
  • Systems Analysis
  • Mathematics for Pre-MBA's
  • Marketing

Among my specific projects:

  • Proposals for large projects
  • Point Factor (Hay) analysis
  • Peer Analysis
  • Recruiting
  • Bonus Distribution/Analysis

Among my specific client types:

  • Government (city/county/state)
  • Cooperatives
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Associations

Proposal Development

Responding to RFP's is a skill.  RFP's for public sector clients have advantages.  
Proposal Development

Staffing/Space Projections

Will be requiring new facilities in the future.   See: Staffing/Space Project

  District Staffing/Workload

Can the district meet its needs with current staff level?   
Staff/workload Project

Why Not Getting Employees?

Our profession and company have been highly valued for years.  Why are we not getting the employees we need?  
Employee Project

Why are Employees Complaining?

We evaluated and graded our jobs 20 years ago.  Why are employees complaining?  
See: Point Factor









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